This course includes the Advanced Open Water Manual and 5 adventure dives from the shore in Monterey, Ca, with a PADI instructor. Upon completion of the 5 dives you will receive your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Card. At least one week prior to class you will need to pick up your manual from the store and complete the relevant chapters before class.  At this time you will also be sized for rental equipment if you need it as well as complete the medical questionnaire. There is no video and no academic session for the PADI Advanced Openwater Course. Instruction is provided on site at the time of the dives.

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Completing two of the dives from a boat may be an option for an additional $149. This depends on the boats schedule and student needs. Ask you instructor if you are interested in completing two of the dives from a boat.

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If you need to book a set of rental gear for this course, add item “Complete Rental Set – Student Discount” from our online shop.



PADI Advanced Openwater Course (Non-eLearning)

This course includes five adventure dives from the beach or shore over two days in Monterey Ca. Academics will be in the form of a workbook which must be completed before class.

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