If you're interested in scuba diving lessons in the Sacramento area, you found the right place! We are Sacramento's only PADI Dive Center and California's only scuba training center with 100% 5-star Yelp ratings.  Our up-front pricing with no hidden costs separates us from our competition.

Minimum age : 10 years old with exceptions. Divers 10-15 years old will receive a PADI Junior Open Water certification that comes with some restrictions. Although PADI allows children as young as 10 to be certified, due to ratio and depth restrictions, 10 and 11 year old's can not participate in the group lessons shown on this page. Contact us to discuss semi-custom and custom options. Also. the cold water of Monterey, Lake Tahoe, and Folsom Lake in winter are generally not appropriate for 10 and 11 year old's there fore we only offer "referral" courses for 10-11 year old's so they can complete their training in warm water with one exception: Folsom lake in late June through mid-October when the water warms to near or above 80*f.

Steps to Scuba Certification

1. Academics

First you will complete your academics via independent study using PADI's online training program (aka PADI eLearning).

2. Pool Training (Confined Water Dives)

Next you begin your pool training in our 12' indoor heated pool.

3. Open Water "Check Out" Dives (Lake or Ocean Dives)

Once you complete your pool training, you will complete the "check out" open water dives either with us (local lake or Monterey) or in a tropical destination of your choice (aka. referral). As soon as your open water training dives are completed and approved by your instructor you will be a certified PADI Open Water Diver!



Start by choosing between the two course options. Then choose your academic learning method.

Option 1: The Complete PADI Open Water Course

Do all of your course with Sac City Scuba!

Includes the following:

Orientation session and academic session at the shop Thursday night before your pool weekend,

Pool instruction (aka. confined water dives), PADI fee, four "check-out" dives (aka. "open water" dives) and rental of the major pieces of scuba gear.

Cost $549* plus academic materials.

*Does not include personal gear: mask, snorkel fins and boots or academic materials.

Personal gear costs vary but starts at about $300. PADI eLearning $217 .

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Option 2:  PADI Open Water "Referral" Course

Do just the academics and pool (aka. confined water dives) with us but do the "check-out" dives (aka. open water dives) elsewhere, like in warm water. Who doesn't love warm water!!??. (Psstt...Folsom Lake is warm-ish June-October).

"Referral Course" means the student will arrange with a dive shop/instructor of their choosing to complete their open water "check out" dives in another location. We can help make that connection.

Includes the following:

Orientation session and academic session (held the Thursday night before your pool weekend)

classroom, pool instruction (aka confined water dives), and rental of the major pieces of scuba gear: 

Cost $379*plus PADI eLearning.

*Does not include personal gear: mask, snorkel fins and boots or academic materials.

Personal gear costs vary but starts at about $300. PADI  eLearning is $217.

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Open Water Course Pool Training Dates 2023

All academics must be completed before starting pool training.

Exact start and end times may vary. All pool sessions are weekends unless noted. 

OWC 2023-20 Full!

Orientation Night: Thursday May 25th  6pm to 8:30pm
Pool Session 1 Saturday May 27th: 8am to 2pm
Pool Session 2: Sunday May 28th: 9am to 2pm

OWC 2023-21

Orientation Night: Thursday June 2nd  6pm to 8:30pm
Pool Session 1 Saturday June 3rd: 8am to 2pm
Pool Session 2: Sunday June 4th: 9am to 2pm

OWC 2023-22

Orientation Night: Thursday June 15th  6pm to 8:30pm
Pool Session 1 Saturday June 17th: 8am to 2pm
Pool Session 2: Sunday June 18th: 9am to 2pm

OWC 2023-23

Orientation Night: Thursday June 22nd  6pm to 8:30pm
Pool Session 1 Saturday June 24th: 8am to 2pm
Pool Session 2: Sunday June 25th: 9am to 2pm

OWC 2023-24

Orientation Night: Thursday June 29th 4th  6pm to 8:30pm
Pool Session 1 Saturday July 1st: 8am to 2pm
Pool Session 2: Sunday July 2nd: 9am to 2pm

OWC 2023-25

Orientation Night: Thursday July 13th  6pm to 8:30pm
Pool Session 1 Saturday July 15th: 8am to 2pm
Pool Session 2: Sunday July 16th: 9am to 2pm

OWC 2023-26

Orientation Night: Thursday July 20th 4th  6pm to 8:30pm
Pool Session 1 Saturday July 22nd: 8am to 2pm
Pool Session 2: Sunday July 23rd: 9am to 2pm

OWC 2023-27

Orientation Night: Thursday July 27th 4th  6pm to 8:30pm
Pool Session 1 Saturday July 29th: 8am to 2pm
Pool Session 2: Sunday July 30th: 9am to 2pm

OWC 2023-28

Orientation Night: Thursday Aug 3rd  6pm to 8:30pm
Pool Session 1 Saturday Aug 5th: 8am to 2pm
Pool Session 2: Sunday Aug 6th: 9am to 2pm


More to come.

Custom dates available upon request.

*Exact starting/ending times may vary   

Courses without at least 4 students subject to rescheduling or being converted to a single day pool session.




Open Water Dive Dates 2023

Open water “check out" dives.

4 dives over 2 days.

Note: As of October 15th, due to extremely poor visibility in Lakes Folsom and Natoma, group dives can no longer be conducted until visibility improves. 

May 20-21 (Folsom Lake)  2 Spots Left!

June 10 & 11 (Monterey) Full!

July 8 & 9 (Tahoe)

August 12 & 13 (Folsom Lake)

September 9 & 10 (Tahoe)

Custom dates available.


*All packages include rental gear, pool fees, instructor fees, PADI certification fees.

**1 on 1 or 2 on 1 custom classes my be in a smaller pool.


†Students ages 10-14 will receive a PADI Junior Open Water certification. 10-11yo maximum depth of 40ft and must buddy with a dive professional or parent. 12-14 maximum depth 70 ft and must dive with an adult. Open water "check out" dives with 10-11yo require a max 4-1 student to instructor ratio thus are only taught in a custom format. Contact us for more info

*Does not include personal gear: Mask, snorkel, fins and booties. Visit our training center to be professionally fitted. We have a fit and price guarantee. Please do not buy these sight-unseen off the internet. This is not just "snorkeling gear", it's part of your life support equipment. Most students end up buying a second set when they realize that the fit is not right or the quality sub-standard.  You do not want to have issues with your sight or propulsion during a dive.



Please download and read the PADI Medical Waiver to determine if you need to have a doctor sign you off prior to participating in SCUBA activities.

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Refer to our FAQ for our cancellation policy.

Considering the internet for your personal gear?
Please consider supporting your local small businesses.
Before you consider any internet purchase of dive equipment, please check with us first.  We compare very favorably with any internet site, and feature the added benefits of the same or better pricing, hands-on evaluation and product comparisons, expert advice, assembly & inspection, fitting, warranty activation, parts-for-life programs where applicable, test diving the equipment in a pool, and future repair. We also offer a fit guarantee. If you are not happy with your gear during the pool session, you can exchange it for full value. Spend $500 or more with us on gear qualifies you for free air fills for life!

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all academic portions of our scuba courses are taught via eLearning until further notice. We no longer conduct group classroom sessions.


Custom 1-1 or 2-1 courses format courses available upon demand. 

The small print: Prices includes all PADI fees, instructor fees, tuition,  and rental gear but does not cover optional eLearning, park access fees (if applicable) nor personal gear which must be scuba quality, in good condition and properly fitting mask, snorkel, fins and booties. We will bring several options for you to try on before purchase. We offer the best prices and proper fit guaranteed. (Support your local businesses! 😉)


What's next?

Once you've become a PADI Open Water Diver, your education is just beginning.  Why not take on a new challenge with PADI Advanced Open Water Diver? If you did a warm water referral and would like to be able to dive in the temperate waters of California, the Advanced Open Water Course is one way to convert your warm water certification to a temperate water certification! And don't forget, the PADI Advanced Open Water Course counts towards your specialty and PADI Master Scuba Diver rating!

PADI Advanced Open Water

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PADI is the world’s most recognized and well-known authorizing bodies when it comes to scuba. If you’re interested in learning this skill and becoming a certified diver, you can register with us. We’re Sacramento’s only PADI diving center.

Get your PADI lessons, training and certification under truly skilled experts and trainers with years of experience in navigating open waters. Follow a step-by-step program starting from basic training all the way to open water certification that allows you to explore the open sea safely.

Our PADI lessons begin with academics, and then move to confined waters and controlled environments so you can build a strong foundation. Eventually, you move onto open waters and test the skills you’ve worked so hard to develop. Work with trainers and go on guided dives, explorations and learn the correct and safe use of your equipment, gear and diving methods that allow for the richest experience possible.

On clearing the check-out dives, your instructor will be able to certify you and grant you the title of a PADI diver. It’s challenging but so worth it and once you have the taste of open water, there’s no going back.

Register with us today and get started on your journey toward becoming a scuba diver with a PADI certification!