San Diego Wreck Alley

Feb 23, 2024
Feb 25, 2024



The dive trip you have been waiting for. 7 dives over 3 days on our own chartered boat. Dive on the 360' long sunken battleship HMCS Yukon, the coast guard cutter Ruby E, and earn your PADI Wreck Diving certification. (You pay only materials and PADI fee.) Optional accommodations at shared AirBNB for additional fee.  You're going to love this!



  • Seven boat dives over 3 days on San Diego wrecks and reefs and one optional guided beach dive at La Jolla Cove
  • Opportunity to obtain PADI Adventure Diver and PADI Wreck Diver at a discount.
  • Free buoyancy practice/pool refresher prior to the trip. (Mandatory for those who have never dived in cold water or have not dived within 6 months of the trip)

Note: This is not a beginner diving, but it is well within recreational diving limits. The shallowest part of the HMS Yukon wreck is 60ft. The shallowest part of the Ruby E is 50 ft. Surge can be strong and visibility can be limited. Divers need to have excellent buoyancy control, good air consumption, and be either advanced open water certified or be an experienced cold water diver with recent cold water diving experience or take a pool refresher course with 7mm wetsuit, hood and gloves which we are offering for free as part of the wreck diving specialty.

No altitude after diving:

All divers must wait a minimum of 18 hours, (or whatever their computer tells them) before flying or driving to altitude (e.g. Grapevine on I-5 4100)  If you drive home Sunday after diving you must take 101 up the coast to San Luis Obispo before heading east to avoid the grapevine. It adds approximately 1 hour to Sacramento but is a beautiful drive.