PADI Open Water Course Traditional Academics Option.

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PADI Open Water Academics and Pool Training. (Non-eLearning)

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Visit Wallin's Dive Center San Mateo at least one week prior to class to pick up your academics crew pack, DVD, complete the medical questionnaire, be sized for instructional equipment, and purchase your personal gear (mask, snorkel, fins and booties) if you do not already have them. For added flexibility and reduced cost to you, there is some independent study which needs to be completed before the first class meeting. Be sure to allow yourself enough time, at least a few hours, before class to complete the homework.

If you would prefer to complete the academics, quizzes and exams online at your own pace from your computer and skip the first Tuesday academics session, do not purchase this item. Purchase the PADI eLearning Open Water Course.

This course only covers academics and pool training. It does not include the open water "check out" dives. You will need to add that as a separate item if you wish to complete the open water dives with us in Monterey. Just pick any available date after the end of this course.